The Marketing Maven: Laurel Mintz

Laurel Mintz

Laurel Mintz

Starting your own company is no joke. For many, it requires taking a leap into the unknown which can be scary. #Like A Boss is a salute to women brave enough to go off on their own and build a company from the ground up. There are two qualifications for being profiled on #Like A Boss. First, your company has to be your primary source of income. Second, you had to have been the founder or co-founder of the company. These women mean business and were willing to put their careers on the line to prove it. They handle their companies with authority and finesse. LIKE A BOSS.

First up, Laurel Mintz, founder of Elevate My Brand.

What is your company?
Elevate my Brand (EMB) is a creative marketing agency dedicated to elevating brands and companies globally. EMB works with both emerging and established brands to develop and execute successful marketing strategies. Whether you are re-branding, taking your first steps into digital media, launching a new brand or product, or are in need of high-level strategy, EMB is the agency that will exponentially increase your visibility and profitability.

What inspired you to start the company?
Pure ignorance…just kidding. I was thrown into the business world because of a sick parent and when he was able to step back in, I started looking back into the corporate world. I quickly realized it didn’t resonate for me anymore. So I started consulting before I even knew what consulting was and it evolved into an agency.

How many employees does your company have?

What are your favorite sites/blogs you check daily?
Barkpost – I’m a sucker for cute dog stories
Huffington Post
Who What Wear

What’s the most difficult part about running your own business? How do you overcome those challenges?
The most difficult part is making everyone happy at the same time. People have such unique personalities and so many factors pulling on them every day that it makes communication challenging. Managing personalities of both clients and our team is a high wire act. Some days we have it perfected and can even juggle while doing it, other days we fall down, but we always get back up again.

What’s the most rewarding part about running your own business?
Knowing that I built something from nothing and that I am in control of my own destiny. People say that running your own business is risky, but it’s actually not when you think about it. I’m the only person who can fire me…how many other people can say that?

What’s one word of advice that you’d like to offer to anyone starting their own company?
Make sure you have an advisory board that you can really go to with hard questions and who will support you, and make sure that they have built similar or relevant businesses to yours so that your learning curve is dramatically shortened. And don’t skimp out on lawyers fees. Get your contracts straight, it will save you so much time and headache in the long run…sorry that’s 2.

What keeps you motivated?
Knowing that I am really helping people and their companies. We get flowers or a thank you card probably once a week. That makes me feel like we are doing a good job and that I am living my purpose. The kinds of clients we work with is also a great motivating factor. From non-profits to new food and beverage or fashion brands, every company we work with we truly believe in. I also love the idea that I am employing people and helping to impact their lives, that’s hugely satisfying. And on days where I’m not motivated, I look at my puppy Miso who comes to the office with me every day and I’m reminded…I have things pretty good.

What is your latest obsession? Restaurant, beauty regimen, workout, ect.
My latest obsession is Heir Atelier’s Makeup Prep…It has changed the way my skin looks and I am getting compliments on it like I used to 10 years ago. I’m also obsessed with Virgin Raw’s Bee Panacea.

What women in LA inspire you?
You of course!! I also love women who are making a difference like Shelly Ulaj with Women Empowered and Ferial Moloo who is changing the digital retail gaming space. My advisor Dianne Jefferies VP of Global Supply Chain at PVH is a rock star too. There are so many incredible women it’s hard to pick a few but those are the top of mind ones right now.

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