The Fabulous Financial Planner: Brittney Castro

Brittney.Headshot.1_350x525Starting your own company is no joke. For many, it requires taking a leap into the unknown which can be scary. #Like A Boss is a salute to women brave enough to go off on their own and build a company from the ground up. There are two qualifications for being profiled on #Like A Boss. First, your company must be your primary source of income. Second, you had to have been the founder or co-founder of the company. These women mean business and were willing to put their careers on the line to prove it. They handle their companies with authority and finesse. LIKE A BOSS.

Next up is Brittney Castro, founder of Financially Wise Women, who is guiding professional and entrepreneurial women to financial freedom in a fun and nonintimidating way. While Brittney feels a responsibility to educate women on finances, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. When she’s not attending to her duties as a financial planner or writing for financial media outlets like Daily Worth, you can find her posting fun Friday dance-offs on her fb page or on set taping her latest rap music video and rapping about what every hip hop artist raps about– money, of course.

What is your company?
Financially Wise Women. We are a financial planning firm specializing in working with professional entrepreneurial women.

What inspired you to start the company?
After working four years at Ameriprise Financial, a large financial planning firm, and three years with LPL Financial, an independent broker/dealer, I launched Financially Wise Women as a registered investment adviser, offering advisory services in the state of California. I focus my practice on helping people like me: busy professional and entrepreneurial women who are passionate about life. We are a solution to a problem. The problem being a lack of financial planning firms specializing in working with the unique challenges and needs of women. A place for women to learn about money in a simple and fun way and feel empowered making financial decisions for themselves and their families.  A place to inspire them to live their best lives using their money. To help women create a positive, loving relationship with their money and empowered them to earn more, save more, pay off their debts faster and invest in themselves and their financial future.

Financially Wise Women continues to grow and allow me to help even more individuals through my financial planning practice, online money class, YouTube channel videos, public speaking engagements, and live workshops.

I believe FWW is the company that will change women’s financial lives for generations to come. To be the leading financial planning firm and be a pioneer in the financial industry to create the much needed change to serve women in a holistic, innovative and modern way.

What’s the most difficult part about running your own business? How do you overcome those challenges?
Managing all the moving parts and the cash flow challenges my business faces as I continue to grow and expand my company. I overcome any challenge by believing in myself and seeing it all as one big game I get to play and have fun with. It makes any challenge, big or small, seem doable which is the mindset you need when being a business owner.

What’s the most rewarding part about running your own business?
Teaching people about money and learning how I’ve helped them in their own financial lives and inspired them to go after their dreams and goals in life.

What’s one word of advice that you’d like to offer to anyone starting their own company? 
Trust yourself. You are more powerful than you think and have the ability to create and overcome anything in life, regardless of where you’ve come from.

What keeps you motivated?
My spiritual path and vision for the future. Ultimately for me it’s all about living a happy,
fulfilled life and Financially Wise Women is just an arena I get to play in that allows me to grow, expand, change and evolve on this journey of life and for that I am very grateful and blessed.

What is your latest obsession? Restaurant, beauty regimen, workout, etc.
Well, I’m definitely known for a lot of obsessions in life. Currently, I’m obsessed with coffee with steamed cashew milk. I was a big almond milk girl until I recently discovered cashew milk. So yummy! I’m also obsessed with dancing, all types, kick boxing and the color purple.

What women in LA inspire you?
Lately, its been the teen girls and college women I’ve meet through my recent speaking and workshop gigs. It is incredible to see how at such a young age, girls are creating businesses that change the world and have so much heart behind why they are doing what they are doing in life. Just this week I taught a teen money class, and one girl already had her own successful non-profit since she was 14 years old! The next generation is very smart, savvy, well-rounded and aware of the bigger meaning of life. I’ve always been an optimist and seeing what we as humans can create in the world always blows me away.


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