About TPP

The women featured on this site are meant to teach and motivate women to reach their true professional potential while creating a sense of pride and community among women in Los Angeles. Some are running prominent corporate companies and used their sheer smarts and charm to get there. Others have decided to take an entrepreneurial path and should be applauded for their creativity and courage. Whether you’re at the helm of a really cool project or wondering where to start, this blog is intended to give you that kick-in-the-butt necessary to take your next step.

At That’s Pretty Powerful, we not only look to other women for knowledge and inspiration to achieve our goals. Nope! We also offer our skills and knowledge to help other women, too. Pay it forward. No matter where you are in your career, you have something to offer. There are a number of organizations under the “Get Involved” tab that are looking for your inspiration and skills to help others.

If this blog can get someone one step closer to their professional goal or offer an underprivileged girl hope for the future, then it was worth the effort.

Now That’s Pretty Powerful.