About the Editor

Jennifer Sotelo

1. I’m a serial entrepreneur.
I was the kid with a lemonade stand and shortly out of college I found myself working for a start-up. Now you’ll find me launching my own start-ups and networking around town. This past year, I launched a real estate company by purchasing my first apartment building in Los Angeles. Maybe I’m crazy, but I love crunching numbers, making sure everything adds up at the end of the month, and even fielding calls about overflowing toilets.

2. I work more jobs than I need to.
My day job (or my 9-to-5 as I like to call it) is helping clients create integrated marketing programs across multiple media platforms at Los Angeles magazine. My day and night job is managing an apartment building. Why do I work two jobs and write this blog? Please refer to back to #1.

3. I prefer non-fiction over fiction.
Nothing against the occasional summer romance novel, but I prefer reading profiles of fascinating people or curling up to a good business book.

4. I’ve had strong female role models.
The matriarchs in my life have strongly shaped my approach to life and business. I was fortunate to be surrounded by women who are confident and independent, yet know how to have fun. I try to channel their chutzpah everyday of my life.